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MAY 13TH, 2020


This is, without a doubt, the strangest Spring and season of ministry that I have ever been a part of. ​ That being said, the good news is, Young Life Ministry is still happening! ​ Even though we can't show up and be with kids the way we want to, technology allows us to stay in contact, continue weekly meetings of outreach and discipleship, and even allows us to meet new kids. So, even though it looks very different, leaders are continuing to spend time with kids. In this season of change, we are grateful for your support and encouragement. ​ Three of the four fundraisers that we had scheduled for this spring have been cancelled, however, ​ we still have a great opportunity for you to support the ministry that is ongoing. That is with our Valley Young Life Giving Day which will happen on Wednesday, May 13th. ​ Be sure to mark your calendars! We are setting a goal to raise $15,000 on that day. ​ We have matching gifts in place, and giveaways for those who choose to give. ​ If you're interested in giving, you can use the link below or send in a donation through the mail. ​ Be sure to put "Giving Day" in the memo of a check if that's how you choose to give. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with the Giving Day festivities. ​ We will be posting videos and prize giveaways all day long!

Dave Harris, area director

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